•    To check is to not place a bet.
•    To call is to match a bet.
•    To raise is to increase the betting amount.
•    If a player is not happy with their cards they can fold.
•    The flop is the collection of cards that have already been played. These are usually kept in a box to the right of the dealer before they are shuffled back into the deck.
•    The blind is applicable to the two players on the left hand side of the dealer. The blind requires the two players to make a bet even though they do not yet know the value of their cards.
•    To bluff is to display confidence in cards that do not have any remarkable value.
•    Going all in refers to using all your chips in a single or final bet. This is done either when a player has a very strong hand or when a player wishes to take their bluff as far as possible.
•    There are four types of limits in Poker. No limit, pot limit, spread limit and fixed limit. No limit games allow players to raise their bets to any amount. In a pot limit game, players cannot raise more than the total sum of the pot. A spread limit indicates the specific range of bets that can be made by players, and fixed limit games give players only one choice – to bet or not to bet.